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We have extensive knowledge and experience of digital photography since the migration from film to digital cameras in 2001 and computer technology since 1989. With the advantages and advances made in digital photography in the past few years, we have continued to upgrade our systems, knowledge and experience to meet the demands and styles of modern photography.

Our passion for photography is expressed in the end product whether it’s as simple as a passport photo to your wedding photography costing several thousand pounds. Our aim is to deliver a 100% satisfactory service to you no matter how big or small the commission.

Although we specialise in portraiture and wedding photography, social and event photography, we have over the years had to adapt to the changes and demands of clients needs for high quality products whether in print form or digital form. This has included commissions for product photography for web sites and catalogues and we have also taken many videography commissions over the past  years.

We work with flexible portable studio equipment which is easily adaptable to any location shooting whether in your home, hotel or any outside location.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark & Maria Spooner
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